27.10.2021 10:49


Mus Alparslan University Faculty of Dentistry aims to train dentists, experts and academics who assimilate their own values, are open to universal values, well-educated, have critical thinking and scientific understanding, questioning, free-thinking, devoted to their duties. Also our faculty aims to providing high-level health services to the community in the oral and dental health services field.


As Muş Alparslan University Faculty of Dentistry, we aim to be a faculty that has established itself at national and international level in scientific studies and research, and has a structure of international students and lecturers.

Our goal in patient treatment and service to society; To be a leading institution in the field of preventive medicine and treatment services in our country, which respects ethical values, is sensitive to patient rights, pays attention to service quality and prioritizes patient satisfaction.

Our faculty adopts being an institution that interacts with all its stakeholders, is open to change in line with feedback-based requests, ensures employee satisfaction, and is proud to be a member of it.


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